Garlic Kraut Mustard


Brat & Hot Dog Lovers rejoice! What could be better than adding sauerkraut to mustard? This mustard is mouthwatering on a corned beef or roast beef sandwich, grilled sausages & kielbasa. It is a tasty accompaniment to roasted pork or breaded pork chops.

Gluten Free, Vegan | Net Wt. 8.5 oz

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Ingredients: Yellow mustard (distilled vinegar, #1 mustard see, salt, spices, turmeric), kosher dill pickles (cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, calcium chloride (firming agent), lactic acid, natural flavors, turmeric (for color), polysorbate 80), sauerkraut (prepared cabbage, water, salt), cider vinegar, brown spicy mustard (distilled vinegar, #1 mustard see, salt spices, turmeric), water, dried garlic, xanthan gum. Contains Mustard Seed. Made in the USA.

Terrapin Ridge Farms Garlic Kraut Mustard nutrition facts: about 40 servings per container, serving size 1TSP/6g, 0 calories per serving