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Hojiblanca (Mild) Australia EVOO

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Our ever-popular Australian Hojiblanca is loaded with lucious fruity notes of stone fruit, ripe tomato and sweet garden herbs. No bitterness, finishing with a bit of pungency. A definite crowd pleaser!

  • *Biophenols: 146.8 PPM
  • FFA: 0.17
  • Oleic Acid: 77.0
  • Peroxide: 2.6
  • DAGs: 96.0
  • *PPP: <.2
  • Squalene: 4,807.0
  • A-Tocopherols: 188.20


  • Fruitiness: 5.5
  • Bitterness: 2.8
  • Pungency: 2.8

Crush Date: May 2021
*As measured at the time of crush.

Country of Origin: Australia


3.38 oz / 100 ml, 6.8 oz / 200 ml, 12.7 oz / 375 ml, 25.4 oz/750 ml

2 reviews for Hojiblanca (Mild) Australia EVOO

  1. Angie Kicklighter (verified owner)

    You cannot go wrong with this olive oil. It is amazing! I can’t wait to try others from this store. Get the pour spout… will use it that much!

  2. Sharron Watson (verified owner)

    This is a great versatile olive oil. It pairs well with various balsamic vinegars for dressings. It does well when used on fish before grilling. It made a delicious dipping for bread with the seasonings I brought back from an Italian vineyard.

    • Dennis Turner

      Thank you Sharon!

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