What Makes an Olive Oil Extra Virgin?

  • Oleic Acid: Is a mono-unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid found in olives. Ranges between 55-83%. Higher the better. Helps in reducing oxidation.
  • FFA: Maximum limit for free fatty acidity in an EVOO is .8%. Lower the better.
  • Peroxide Value: Maximum value is 20 with less than 10 desirable. Unsaturated FFA’s react with oxygen to form peroxides which are responsible for an olive oil to go rancid.
  • Polyphenol Count: An antioxidant found in olives. Standard range is 80-220 PPM. Anything over 220 is considered high (robust).
  • Taste: Fruity, peppery & bitter. The 3 desirable characteristics of an EVOO endorsed by the IOC.

What We Offer

The finest and youngest olive oils available in the world. Average FFA is .19% with none over .3%. EVOO’s with polyphenols in the 500-600 range. Peroxide values less than 10. We import from both hemispheres every 6-7 months to ensure the freshest olive oils available.

All of our oils are certified 100% extra virgin!