Amazing Recipes

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  1. 2-13-2012

    Hi, Mike. Looks like you are off and running. Lisa showed me the nice article on your store. So much for retirement. I’ve had your product here several times. Good stuff. Tell Pam hi for me. Laura

  2. 2-23-2012

    I have been all over looking for Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar. Do you sell it or know of someone in the Sarasota area that does?


  3. 7-6-2012

    Where are your recipes

  4. 7-28-2012

    Great question – we are working on getting recipes together to add to the website, so check back soon!

  5. 3-24-2013

    I purchased some of your olive oil and vinegar and love it.
    My disappointment is that the bottles drip when I pour from them and I have to continually wipe them down.
    Do you oil/vinegar stoppers keep the oil/vinegar fresh and prevent them from dripping?

    If so I would like to order some.

    How do I get a complete listing of all the various oils and vinegars you carry. I want to order more.

  6. 4-23-2013

    I sure hope you have recipes up soon, each time we’re in your store the sales associates talk about all the wonderful recipes as we’re buying the balsamic vinegars. Still waiting!

  7. 4-25-2013

    Hi BJ, thanks for your feedback. Yes, the pour spouts do keep the oils fresh and solve the dripping you mentioned. We list all of our products on the website, by category. The oils change seasonally so you are always getting the best, freshest and finest products from around the world, so we don’t currently have a list that you can download. That is a great suggestion that we will look into!

    Anytime you have questions, don’t hesitate to call one of our stores as well, our friendly staff can answer your questions much quicker than we do on the website.

  8. 6-24-2013

    Love the shop in Colorado Springs. Hope there will be some recipes soon!

  9. 4-6-2014

    I love your honey ginger balsamic. Do you have any calorie information available for it or any of your other products?

  10. 4-14-2014

    Give us a call at one of our stores and we can give you the info!